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“This is not a witch hunt on Trump” — Former employee breaks silence



"This is not a witch hunt on Trump" -- Brian Butler breaks silence

In an exclusive interview with CNN on Monday, Brian Butler, a former Mar-a-Lago employee identified as “Trump Employee Number 5” in classified documents, provided insights into his involvement in moving boxes of documents at the private club and the subsequent legal fallout.

Butler disclosed that in June 2022, while federal investigators visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago, he assisted Trump’s body man, Walt Nauta, in transporting boxes to the airport. This activity coincided with the FBI’s inquiry into returning classified material to Trump.

During the interview, Butler recounted encountering Trump as he met with his attorney and a group of individuals later identified as FBI agents. Butler emphasized his ignorance regarding the contents of the boxes he helped move.

He also shed light on his relationship with Carlos De Oliveira, a co-defendant in the case, who allegedly pressured him to hire a Trump-aligned attorney. Despite this pressure, Butler opted to retain his own legal counsel.

CNN exclusive: 'Trump Employee 5' speaks out | CTV News

Butler’s decision to speak out stemmed from his belief that voters should be aware of the events preceding the election and his conviction that Trump’s claims of innocence were baseless.

While Brian Butler worked for Trump for two decades, he now views him unfavorably and believes he shouldn’t run for president again.

The interview provided insight into De Oliveira’s efforts to influence Butler’s legal representation and offered a glimpse into potential face-to-face interactions with Trump post-employment at Mar-a-Lago.