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So far in Donald Trump’s trial



So far in Donald Trump's trial

The selection process for the jury in former President Donald Trump’s New York hush money trial is proving to be a challenging endeavor, marked by accusations of bias and meticulous scrutiny of potential jurors’ social media activity.

On Tuesday, seven jurors were appointed to the panel tasked with determining Trump’s guilt or innocence in the high-profile case.

However, the process has been fraught with contention as Trump’s legal team rigorously vetted prospective jurors to identify any signs of anti-Trump sentiment in his trial.

Judge Juan Merchan intervened swiftly during questioning, admonishing Trump’s attorneys for their conduct towards jurors, particularly regarding inquiries about their social media posts.

Merchan emphasized the court’s intolerance for attempts to intimidate jurors, setting a stern precedent for the remainder of the trial.

The appointed jury, comprising four men and three women, includes individuals with diverse professional backgrounds, including two lawyers and individuals with higher education qualifications. Notably, one juror, originally from Ireland, was designated as the jury foreperson.

Despite efforts to ensure impartiality, concerns over potential biases lingered throughout the selection process.

Trump’s legal team sought to challenge several jurors for cause, citing alleged anti-Trump sentiments gleaned from social media postings.

The voir dire process provided insight into the strategies of both the prosecution and defense teams. Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass outlined the case’s complexities, emphasizing the importance of assessing witness credibility amidst varying testimonies.

Conversely, Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche focused primarily on jurors’ perceptions of the former president, seeking to gauge any preconceived biases in the trial.

Merchan emphasized the fluidity of the court schedule but expressed a desire to conclude jury selection promptly. Despite swearing in the initial seven jurors, Merchan acknowledged the potential for schedule adjustments and indicated a goal of commencing opening statements by the following Monday.

A new panel of 96 jurors was sworn in later on Tuesday, signaling the continuation of the meticulous selection process. However, with only seven jurors selected from the initial pool, achieving a full jury of 12 members and six alternates remains uncertain.