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What Trump thinks of Black people — John Legend



What Trump thinks of Black people -- John Legend

American musician and activist John Legend has strongly criticized former President Donald Trump, labeling him as an entrenched racist with a history of discriminatory behavior.

John Legend asserted that Trump’s prejudiced attitudes predate his presidency, citing instances of alleged racial bias, including reports of barring black individuals from his properties.

In a recent statement reported by Daily Loud, Legend condemned Trump’s track record on racial issues, asserting that the former president espouses beliefs in a “genetic hierarchy of humanity.”

“He wouldn’t let us [Black people] live in his buildings back in the day, but also when you hear some of the stray comments he makes, he clearly believes in the genetic hierarchy of humanity and he is racially determined.

He emphasized Trump’s immigration policies as indicative of systemic racism, accusing him of favoring predominantly white nations.

“He [Donald Trump] has made it clear throughout his life that he believes black people are inferior. He believes that to his skull, to his bones,” John Legend was quoted on Daily Loud.

According to John Legend, Trump’s actions and statements reflect deeply ingrained racial prejudices, evident in his past business practices and public remarks. Dismissing Trump’s purported efforts on behalf of black Americans, Legend asserted that Trump’s core beliefs are rooted in racism.

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“So he is a tried-and-true, dyed in the wool racist. In the core of his being, he is a racist. I don’t want to hear what he has to say about what he has done for black people, he is but done very little for us and he is at his core, truly a racist.

“You even hear what he says about immigration and what countries he wants people to come in from, they are all very white.”

The critique comes amidst the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, where Trump is set to contest against incumbent Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

The election, scheduled for November 5th, highlighting the divisive political landscape in the United States ahead of the polls.