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Stormy Daniels: Donald Trump wants trial postponed



Donald Trump wants trial postponed

Former US President Donald Trump, embroiled in a legal battle over alleged hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels, has made a strategic move to delay his trial proceedings.

On Monday, March 11, Trump’s legal team petitioned the court to halt the case until the US Supreme Court rules on his separate bid for presidential immunity.

Trump’s lawyers argued that pausing the trial is imperative as evidence related to Trump’s statements made during his presidency could potentially sway jurors.

They contended that the outcome of the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity could impact whether such evidence is admissible in court.

The immunity case revolves around the question of whether Trump, now a prominent figure in the Republican Party and a potential presidential candidate for the 2020 election, should be shielded from prosecution for actions taken while he held office.

The crux of the argument rests on whether Trump’s actions constituted “official acts” deserving of blanket protection.

The Manhattan case, scheduled for jury selection on March 25, centers on allegations concerning Trump’s involvement in hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels and his purported efforts to obstruct a federal investigation.

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Stormy Daniels

Prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office have signaled their intent to introduce evidence of Trump’s alleged attempts to influence the investigation.

The Supreme Court has slated arguments on Trump’s immunity case for April 25. Regardless of the ruling, the timing of the hearing suggests that the trial related to election interference could be deferred until next year, potentially favoring Trump’s legal team.

If Trump were to reclaim the presidency, he would have the authority to direct the Justice Department to drop the pending case against him in federal court in Washington, DC.

Currently facing 34 counts of felony falsifying business records in connection with the hush-money scandal, Trump has maintained his innocence throughout the legal proceedings.