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Trump: Judge includes family members in Court Order



Trump: Judge includes Trump's family members in Court Order

In the criminal hush money trial involving former President Donald Trump, Judge Juan Merchan has extended a recently imposed gag order to include family members of the court and family members of the Manhattan district attorney.

This decision follows recent comments made by Trump targeting Judge Merchan’s daughter.

In the ruling issued late Monday, Judge Merchan expressed concern that Trump’s rhetoric could instill fear in individuals associated with the proceedings, including their loved ones. He warned that such concerns could disrupt the fair administration of justice and undermine the Rule of Law.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office had earlier urged the judge to expand the gag order to prevent Trump from attacking family members of those involved in the case.

Prosecutors emphasized the need for clarity in prohibiting Trump from making public statements about individuals mentioned in the order, including family members of the court and the district attorney.

Last week, after Judge Merchan issued the initial gag order, Trump took to social media to criticize the judge and identified his daughter, who works for a political consulting firm.

Despite the judge’s daughter deactivating her social media account two years ago, Trump referenced posts from an account he claimed belonged to her.

Trump has defended his right to free speech under the First Amendment and argued that his comments are a form of self-defense and campaign advocacy.

However, prosecutors countered, stating that Trump’s recent attacks on the court and individuals associated with the trial are unfounded and aimed at smearing their reputations.

Prosecutors asserted that Trump’s actions go beyond political speech and constitute false accusations against the court and its family members. They urged the court to reject Trump’s claims and enforce the expanded gag order to maintain the integrity of the judicial proceedings.