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Nigerian man in shock after his girlfriend destroys his apartment over cheating suspicion



Nigerian man in shock after his girlfriend destroys his apartment over cheating suspicion

A supposed businessman has lamented after his sexual partner vandalized his apartment over her suspicion that he is cheating.

The Nigerian man, identified on X, formerly Twitter as @sarkidneyforyou, disclosed that he had left his girlfriend of one month, behind in his apartment in Abuja, for him to quickly go on a business-related trip in Ilorin, Kwara State Capital; unfortunately, due to network issues at his location, they were not able to communicate effectively throughout his stay.

A Nigerian man was left bewildered after his girlfriend of one month destroyed his apartment over suspicion of cheating.

Upon his return, he was shocked to see that she had destroyed his apartment out of anger over her suspicion that he traveled to Ilorin to cheat on her with another woman.

Nigerian man in shock

Posting a photo of his destroyed apartment, he wrote,

“So I traveled since on Friday morning for a business in Ilorin and the area has no stable network, as result of poor network in Ilorin so I couldn’t communicate with my 1 month old girlfriend I left in my apartment in Abuja through out Saturday and Sunday, this babe thought I was With other women or probably cheating on her and that was why I switched off my phone, coming back to Abuja this is how I met my room, my neighbor said she left around 5 O’clock”

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