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Sunday Igboho reacts to Owo Catholic Church massacre



Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Igboho, has joined the growing trend of individuals and groups to react to Sunday’s heinous attack on St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State.

He released a statement in an audio sent to Politics Nigeria on Tuesday morning following the incident.

Igboho in the audio, warned his tribesmen against terrorist activities in the region as the massacre claimed over 50 worshippers.

He also used the platform to ask for mercy from politicians he wronged during the course of his separatist agitation.

“I pray to God that we don’t experience such again. I pray to God to comfort the families of the victims.” He said.

“My fathers and mothers, can you see that I have been vindicated? I was not in a battle with any governor or senator. But what I envisaged, you didn’t see it. Now, can you all see?

“Well, the situation can still be redeemed. I want Yoruba people to be united before it I too late. I want South-West leaders to support me and other courageous Yoruba sons and daughters so that we can guard against this wicked acts. If I offend anyone, I ask for pardon, please,”

Igboho, fled Nigeria to avoid arrest from the authorities and was able to seek conditional release from prison in neighboring Benin 8 months after he was detained there