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Peter Obi reacts to the APC Presidential primaries



Peter Obi

There is never a dull moment with politicians. They are salesmen with all manner of antics and sweet words in their attempts to garner favor and manipulate the electorates.

The All Progressives Congress, popularly abbreviated as APC held a Presidential primary yesterday to select the party’s representative in the 2023 general elections. And trust your guts if you believe there wouldn’t be a dull moment all through the occasion.

There wasn’t. And in fact, the whole of Nigerians watching to see how things turn out with various political clowns in centre stage was prove enough.

It was like a bidding war, and the APC stalwarts stood to bid for the votes of delegates and the sympathy of the nation.

One man who was curiously following the proceedings was Labor Party’s Presidential flag bearer, Mr. Peter Obi. And the Presidential candidate didn’t fail to let Nigerians know as he left on his Twitter handle a tweet for the citizens.

He wrote:

“Dear Nigerian Youths, as you listen to the aspirants of the ruling party jostle for their party’s ticket, think and ask if they can offer tomorrow what they could not provide in seven years; and if you are doing better than you were seven years ago.”

It was a piece of advice directed to Nigeria’s famed youths, who at a point in time were tagged ‘lazy’ by a certain politician.

Obi in his tweet called on the youths to ensure they paid attention to the aspirants of the ruling APC to watch the shenanigans that took place.

He also called on Nigerian youths to ensure they ask aspirants of the APC critical questions about the challenges faced in Nigeria.

The 2023 general elections is proving to be one of a grand scale, with lots of surprises in store for Nigerians and politicians themselves.