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Soldiers suffer heavy casualties in Zamfara terrorist ambush



Zamfara Terrorist Ambush: Soldiers suffer four casualties

In a harrowing confrontation in Zamfara, soldiers of Operation “Hadarin Daji” faced a deadly ambush by terrorist groups, resulting in significant casualties among the troops.

Director of Defence, Media Operations, Maj.-Gen. Edward Buba confirmed that on May 12, troops encountered two separate ambushes, leaving four soldiers dead and three wounded in the initial attack.

The soldiers exhibited remarkable courage as they fought to extricate themselves from the perilous situation, but five more soldiers sustained minor injuries in a subsequent ambush.

Despite the losses, troops received vital air support and reinforcements, enabling them to repel the attackers and inflict heavy casualties on the terrorists.

The sacrifices made by the soldiers highlight the dangers they face in their mission to combat terrorism in the region.

The Defense Headquarters lauded their bravery and resilience in the face of adversity, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the populace.

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