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Diya Urges citizens to report dreadlocks mistreatment by soldiers



Army releases phone numbers to report unprofessional conduct by soldiers

Brigadier General Olusola Diya, the Bridge Commander of the 14 Brigade Ohafia, emphasized the importance of citizens reporting any instances of mistreatment by soldiers or military personnel against individuals with dreadlocks.

Speaking at the 33rd social media seminar held in Aba, Abia State, he underscored that possessing dreadlocks is not prohibited by law.

Despite the stereotype of associating dreadlocks with internet fraudsters, General Diya stressed that it is unjust for soldiers to target innocent civilians based on their hairstyle.

Addressing concerns raised about soldiers harassing commuters with dreadlocks at checkpoints, General Diya reiterated that there is no legal mandate dictating citizens’ dress code.

He warned that stringent consequences await any soldier found engaging in such behaviour and urged the public to promptly report any incidents for swift and appropriate action.

”Any soldier found arresting people with dreadlocks will be dealt with. Once you see any soldier engaging in such unprofessional conduct, please get us his name and the checkpoint, and see what we will do,” he said.

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