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Seyi Makinde terminates appointment of political officeholders



Seyi Makinde terminates appointment of political officeholders

In a move aimed at restructuring his administration, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State took decisive action on Tuesday by terminating the appointments of all political officeholders and dissolving the state Executive Council.

The decision, outlined in a letter signed by Mr. Segun Ogunwuyi, Chairman of the Transition and Inauguration Committee and Chief of Staff to the Governor, marks a significant shift in the state’s governance.

The letter, issued in Ibadan, instructed all affected appointees to hand over any government properties under their custody to the most senior civil servants within their respective Ministries, Departments, and Agencies. However, political officeholders serving in statutory commissions were excluded from the directive.

While appreciating the contributions of the dismissed appointees to the development of the state, Governor Makinde expressed his gratitude and extended his best wishes for their future endeavors. The move to relieve political appointees of their duties is part of the governor’s ongoing efforts to restructure his administration, improve governance, and bring fresh perspectives to the table.

The dissolution of the state Executive Council signifies a new phase for Oyo State, as Governor Makinde seeks to assemble a team that aligns with his vision and priorities for the state. This strategic decision allows for the evaluation of existing performance and the appointment of individuals who will aid in driving the administration’s agenda more effectively.

By bringing in new faces and fresh perspectives, the governor aims to inject renewed energy into his government’s programs and policies, ultimately benefiting the people of Oyo State. The governor’s action demonstrates a commitment to ensuring transparency, accountability, and improved service delivery to the citizens.

As the dismissed political appointees hand over their responsibilities to senior civil servants, the machinery of governance will continue to function seamlessly. The governor’s decision is expected to create an opportunity for a thorough review of the state’s policies, strategies, and programs, allowing for necessary adjustments and the implementation of new initiatives that will advance the overall development of Oyo State.

With this latest development, Governor Makinde sends a clear signal that his administration remains committed to delivering on its promises to the people of Oyo State. The appointment of a new Executive Council, comprising dedicated and capable individuals, will undoubtedly contribute to the achievement of the administration’s objectives, fostering progress and prosperity across the state.