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Man allegedly kills childhood friend, sells body parts in Oyo State



Man allegedly kills childhood friend, sells body parts in Oyo State

A middle-aged man named Dolapo Daniel Babalola has been taken into custody by members of the Ondo State Police Command for the murder of his childhood friend Opeyemi Oyelakin and the theft of his motorcycle.

The police claim that Babalola sold the motorcycle in Ibadan and then dismembered Opeyemi’s body part, selling it to ritualists in the capital city of Oyo state.

In addition, the suspect admitted to killing his cousin and three other persons, although he claimed he was unable to verify whether or not each victim perished after being struck with sticks or stones and having their motorcycles taken.

According to police investigations, Babalola also operated in Kabba, Kogi, where in April 2023 he killed a victim in Ife along the Ilesha road in Osun state and an Okada rider.

It is stated he murdered another motorcyclist in Ondo Town in June 2023 and disposed of the body at a farm near the Oboto bush on Bolorunduro Road.

In October 2023, the suspect—also known as Sikiru Mutiu, or S.K—killed his childhood friend, dismembered his body, and gave it to two herbalists—Mujeeb Lawal and Shina Ojo—for ritual purposes.

The two individuals who received stolen goods, Abiola Olatunji Toheeb and Ayegbajeje Michael, as well as Oyediran Waheed Olaitan, who assisted in the creation of false paperwork to facilitate the sale of the stolen motorbikes, were taken into custody, according to the statement.

As for Babalola, he said:

”Seven motorcycles have been retrieved from the receivers while one suspect is still at large. I have killed five persons including my cousin and my friend, and snatched their motorcycles. I killed Opeyemi who is my friend, and sold the motorcycle to one man at Ibadan called Toheed.

“I do not sell human parts but I took part of one of my victims’ bodies to an herbalist in Ondo who promised to give me an Ifa Oracle. At the point where we snatched motorcycles, anyone who struggled with me in the process got hit on the head with a fat stone and a stick.The herbalists said they used the body parts to prepare spiritual soap.”

After taking N110,000 from his victim, Adetokunbo Adesina—who claimed to have been recruited to kill over 500 people—was also apprehended by the police. Adetokunbo stated that he was recruited to kill the victim by her three employees, according to the police inquiry.

According to Peter Abayomi, the Commissioner of Police in Ondo, Abdullahi Fatai, 30, was also taken into custody on suspicion of killing his wife.