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Why Tinubu hasn’t moved to the Presidential Villa



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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is reportedly yet to move into his official residence at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja, six weeks after assuming power following the transition from former President Muhammadu Buhari.

While Tinubu has not yet occupied his designated residence, the President has been utilizing his private conference room, office space, and Aso Chambers for important meetings.

According to Sunday PUNCH, the delay in Tinubu’s move-in is due to ongoing renovations that commenced in late April, when former President Buhari vacated the 32-year-old structure to reside temporarily in a residence called the Glass House.

Although it took Buhari nearly three weeks before he moved into his new residence, sources within the Presidency have indicated that the same timeline cannot be expected for the new Commander-in-Chief, considering that Tinubu is moving in eight years after the previous occupant.

A source explained,

“These things are relative. It is not fixed at all. Goodluck Jonathan stayed for five years, and Buhari stayed for eight years. So, the level of repairs that needs to be done this time must have increased.”

The source further stated,

“There may be major alterations they are trying to do. For example, the Council Chamber we use today didn’t have all the technology it has now. There was a point during Baba’s (Buhari’s) tenure that it had to be shut down completely because they wanted to upgrade it. We were using the First Lady’s conference room for Federal Executive Council meetings at that time. And it took a long time to effect the changes.”

Another source mentioned that individual preferences and specific requirements also play a role in the timeline for moving in. However, it was noted that Tinubu promptly began utilizing the office space assigned to him as soon as he assumed the presidency.

On June 10, a security source revealed, “He (Tinubu) has not moved in because maintenance is still ongoing.”

The delay in President Tinubu’s move into his official residence at Aso Rock Villa highlights the extensive renovation and upgrade work being undertaken to ensure that the residence meets the requirements of the new administration.

As the maintenance efforts progress, it is anticipated that President Tinubu will soon settle into his designated residence within the prestigious presidential complex.