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“Please don’t vouch for my gender” — Charity Nnaji warns Men



"Please don't vouch for my gender" -- Charity Nnaji warns Men

Following the narratives surrounding Mohbad’s wife and the paternity of her child, Nollywood actress Charity Nnaji steps up to warn men whose respective spouses are in support of the widow’s hesitation to conduct a DNA test on her son, Liam.

The Nollywood actress stirs controversy through her social media post when she advised men against ignoring their 6th senses.

Mohbad’s widow, in a public statement, adamantly declared her refusal to undergo any DNA testing for her son, Liam, asserting her autonomy in the matter and rejecting external pressure to do so.

The actress’s comments elicited mixed reactions from netizens on various social media platforms.

Charity Nnaji emphasized that if a woman had nothing to hide, she should be willing to undergo the test, implying suspicion if she opposes it.

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She advised men to promptly take action if they find themselves in a similar situation where their partners align with Mohbad’s widow’s stance against DNA testing.

Furthermore, Charity Nnaji urged men to be vigilant for potential paternity fraud if their partners echo the sentiments of Mohbad’s widow.

In her statement, she wrote,

“Men listen, if your wife is supporting Mohbad’s wife not to do a DNA test, she’s a suspect. Kindly take those kids you have with that betrayer of a wife who supports Mohbad’s wife and go for a DNA test. Who would willingly endure such pressure without wanting to clear her conscience and liberate herself from public disgrace?”

Charity Nnaji goes on to add;

“You are not far from a witch if you keep allowing your husband train another man’s child. Remember na only woman know who give am belle please don’t vouch for my gender, after all. They said a clear conscience fear no accusation”