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A hypocrite — Tonto Dikeh dragged online by fan



From Tonto Dikeh taking things to very dark extent with VerydarkMan to the Nollywood veteran getting called out for hypocrisy on social media, the single mom continues to battle critics at every turn.

A Nigerian content producer has stirred controversy with a viral video criticizing actress Tonto Dikeh for her alleged involvement in the detention of renowned activist VeryDarkMan (VDM), suspected of being affiliated with the popular anonymous gossip blog ‘Gistlover’.

In the video, the content creator expressed solidarity with VDM’s advocacy work, acknowledging that while some of his assertions may lack context and evidence, he still stands by his efforts.

A hypocrite -- Tonto Dikeh dragged online by fan

The creator went on to assert his willingness to go to great lengths to secure VDM’s release, even offering to spend N1 million for bail if necessary.

Notably, the content producer drew attention to what he perceived as a double standard, citing Tonto Dikeh‘s past actions in publicly discussing her ex-husband Churchill’s alleged sexual shortcomings without facing legal repercussions.

The video also referenced other prominent figures, including actress Iyabo Ojo, Blessing CEO, and controversial personality Bobrisky, in the context of his critique.