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Mason Mount opens up on his fight with Fernandes



Mason Mount opens up on his fight with Fernandes

It’s all in the heat of the moment, Mason Mount says about his previous fight on the pitch with Bruno Fernandes and Lisandro Martinez.

Manchester United’s new signing, Mason Mount, has candidly addressed his past confrontations with Bruno Fernandes and Lisandro Martinez, shedding light on the on-field altercations he experienced during his time at Chelsea.

Despite the heated exchanges, Mason Mount has since developed amicable relationships with both players as he settles into his new surroundings at Old Trafford.

The England midfielder, who recently completed his move from Chelsea to Manchester United, was involved in a memorable clash with Martinez and Fernandes during his tenure at Stamford Bridge.

However, the passage of time and changing circumstances have allowed Mount to foster a cordial relationship with Martinez, now that they find themselves on the same team at Old Trafford.

On multiple occasions, Mount and the Argentine international have been seen exchanging warm embraces, signaling a positive shift in their rapport.

When reminded about the altercations with Martinez, Mason Mount acknowledged the nature of football and emphasized that such incidents are a part of the game. He expressed his satisfaction with the present scenario, stating,

“But now we’re on the same team and fighting together. It’s even better.”

Turning his attention to Bruno Fernandes, Mount acknowledged their previous on-pitch clashes but suggested that their shared goal of winning brings them closer.

The young midfielder acknowledged that fierce competition and occasional disagreements are inherent in the pursuit of victory. Indicating a potential reconciliation, Mount expressed his belief that their relationship would likely improve over time.

Mount’s honest reflection on his past altercations highlights the competitive spirit that permeates the sport of football. As teammates at Manchester United, he and his former adversaries have now shifted their focus to working together and achieving shared success on the field.

With Mount’s arrival at Old Trafford, Manchester United fans eagerly anticipate the contributions he will make to the team’s midfield. The England international’s ability to adapt and forge positive relationships with his fellow players bodes well for team cohesion and the pursuit of silverware in the upcoming season.

As the new campaign approaches, Mason Mount’s integration into the Manchester United squad continues to progress positively. The resolution of past conflicts and the unity forged between teammates further solidify the club’s collective drive to achieve their goals and secure success on all fronts.