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Man United legend, Ryan Giggs cries in Court



Man United legend, Ryan Giggs cries in Court

It could all go downhill for anybody and for Man United legend, Ryan Giggs, things aren’t looking that great for him in his ongoing trial case.

The former winger was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Kate Greville some time ago and has been taken to court as he stands trial at the Manchester Crown Court.

While in court, the player broke down in tears over what he would describe as the worst experience of his life as he stands to answer to the allegations of using controlling and coercive behavior against his ex-girlfriend, Kate Greville.

Charges were also brought on Ryan Giggs for assaulting his ex’s sister, Emma Greville, which the former player vehemently denies while providing evidence from the witness box.

Speaking on the night of his arrest back in November 2020, the Man United legend revealed he was scared when he was approached by police officers at his home.

Man United legend, Ryan Giggs cries in Court

“I’d never been in that position before.” He explained, revealing how he was taken to the Police Station to spend a night upon his arrest.

The former Wales manager addressed the issue of his temper, informing the court he could be ‘hot-headed’ a lot and was the ‘jealous type’ while being confronted by his prosecutor, Peter Wright.

Peter Wright who countered Giggs’ statement of the night of his arrest by the police, revealed the former Wales manager was angry rather than scared when the police had confronted him, going further to reveal Giggs was very much quiet and cooperative when he spoke to the Police.

Evidence that could stand against the former Man United player in his trial could be allegations of his temper and an email where he labeled abusive words towards his ex-girlfriend.