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“Couples goals, eh?” — Regina Daniels ‘trolls’ Ned Nwoko’s wife



"Couples goals, eh?" -- Regina Daniels 'trolls' Ned Nwoko's wife

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has responded to an outing involving her husband, Ned Nwoko, and his Moroccan wife, Laila Charani, alongside their child, Sultan Nwoko.

The actress expressed admiration for the couple as they appeared together, affirming their relationship dynamic as “couples’ goals.”

In a social media post, Regina Daniels lauded the family outing, acknowledging the presence of her co-wife and their child. Notably, Nwoko was already married to Charani before his union with Daniels.

The actress’s comment sparked various reactions from social media users. Some expressed confusion over their emotions, while others praised Daniels for her positive and free-spirited nature.

"Couples goals, eh?" -- Regina Daniels 'trolls' Ned Nwoko's wife

Despite the complexities of the situation, many admired Daniels for her open-mindedness and lack of animosity towards her co-wife.

Commentators highlighted the actress’s willingness to embrace the situation and her evident affection for Nwoko’s child with Charani. However, some users expressed discomfort with the concept of sharing a partner, emphasizing their inability to do so.

Overall, Daniels’ response to the situation garnered a mix of admiration, support, and introspection from online observers.