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“Fake news, I never said that” — Kaka’s Ex-wife, Caroline Celico



"Fake news, I never said that" -- Kaka's Ex-wife, Caroline Celico

Caroline Celico, the former wife of Brazilian football legend Ricardo Kaka, has refuted widespread rumors suggesting she left her husband due to him being “too perfect” for her.

Celico addressed the speculation through her Instagram story, dismissing the viral statement attributed to her as “false” and “fake.”

The couple, who tied the knot in December 2005, parted ways after a decade of marriage without disclosing the reason for their divorce. However, a fabricated quote purportedly from Celico surfaced recently, fueling conjecture among fans worldwide.

In the alleged statement, Caroline Celico was quoted as saying, “Kaka never betrayed me; he always treated me well, and he gave me a wonderful family, but I was not happy; something was missing. The problem was that he was too perfect for me.”

Celico took to social media to clarify the situation, emphasizing that their separation was a mutual decision. She highlighted the amicable co-parenting arrangement they share for their two children, Luca Celico Leite and Isabella Celico Leite.

"Fake news, I never said that" -- Kaka's Ex-wife, Caroline Celico

Furthermore, Caroline Celico revealed details about her current relationship, stating that she has been married to her husband, Eduardo Scarpa Julião, for almost eight years. They are expecting their first child together next month.

Expressing gratitude for her life experiences, Celico underscored the importance of respect and love in her social media interactions, inviting followers to engage with her on various topics, including family, work, and spirituality.

Following their divorce, Kaka, a former AC Milan and Real Madrid midfielder, remained a single father for nearly four years before marrying Brazilian model Carolina Dias.

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