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Kano State government stands firm amid Emirate crisis



Kano Emirate crisis: State government stands firm

Amid the ongoing Kano Emirate Crisis, the Kano State Government has reaffirmed its stance, asserting that it cannot be intimidated regarding its decisions.

Deputy Governor Aminu Gwarzo addressed reporters in Kano, emphasizing the state’s commitment to upholding the common good.

Deputy Governor Aminu Gwarzo stated, “The state government made its decision through proper legal channels. No external pressure will deter us from prioritizing the welfare of our people and ensuring their best interests are served.”

The emirate crisis erupted following the dissolution of the five Emirate Councils, sparking tensions and disagreements among various stakeholders amid the Kano Emirate Crisis. However, the government remains resolute in its resolve to uphold the rule of law and maintain political stability in the state amidst the Kano Emirate Crisis.

Highlighting the significance of peaceful coexistence for the state’s progress, Gwarzo reiterated Governor Abba Yusuf’s administration’s dedication to restoring Kano to its founding principles of peace, justice, equality, tolerance, and hospitality.

As the situation unfolds, the Kano State Government remains committed to fostering dialogue and finding peaceful resolutions to the ongoing dispute.

Topnaija recalled that Governor Abba Yusuf of Kano State reinstated Sanusi II on Thursday following the repeal of the Kano State Emirates Law 2019 and the enactment of the Kano Emirate Law 2024 by the State House of Assembly.

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