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Court halts governor’s plan to reinstate Emir Sanusi as he arrives in Kano



Emir Sanusi's Sermon: Accepting divine destiny

A Federal High Court in Kano has intervened, halting Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s attempt to reinstate Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II as he returns to Kano and dissolve four newly created emirates.

This decision follows a legal challenge against Sanusi’s reinstatement and the emirates’ dissolution, sparking widespread debate.

“in view of the Constitutional and Jurisdictional Issues apparent on the face of the application, parties shall address the Court on same at the hearing of the Fundamental Rights application which is fixed for the 3rd of June, 2024.

“That in order to maintain the peace and security of the state, an Interim Injunction of this Honourable Court is granted restraining the Respondents from enforcing, executing, implementing and operationalizing the Kano State Emirate Law Council (Repeal) Law.

“That parties are hereby ordered to maintain status quo ante the passage and assent of the bill pending the hearing of the Fundamental Rights application.”

Governor Yusuf aimed to restore Sanusi as the sole first-class Emir of Kano, but the court’s order has put these plans on hold pending further legal proceedings.

Despite this, Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II returned to Kano on Thursday evening, welcomed with a modest reception. He is expected to officially receive his appointment letter and resume his duties as emir.

Sanusi’s schedule includes a mini-durbar ceremony at the Africa House in Kano Government House on Friday morning, followed by visits to the Nassarawa Emir’s palace and leading Friday prayers at the Kano Central Mosque.

The court’s decision also impacts the fate of the four emirates established during the tenure of former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje.

This ruling underscores the ongoing debate over the cultural and administrative implications of these changes.

As legal proceedings continue, the situation remains fluid, with significant implications for Kano State’s political and cultural landscape.

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