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Judy Austin’s kinsmen drops shocking revelations about Yul Edochie and Judy’s affair



A Kinsmen to Yul Edochie’s second wife, Just Austin has revealed shocking details of the couple’s affair before they got married behind the actor’s first wife.

The supposed Kinsmen to Judy Austin, identified as Irene Vincent, had given a somewhat detailed narration on how the relationship between Judy and her now husband, Yul Edochie all started.

According to Irene, Uche Ogbodo was wrong for sitting on the sidelines as regards who to support between Judy Austin and May Edochie.

TopNaija had earlier reported that Uche Ogbodo was called out for supporting her colleague, Yul Edochie’s first wife, May, and also his second wife, Judy Austin.

In response to the backlash, the actress, Ogbodo wrote;

On A second Tot I recon I had to come back to this. First Off I’m not A Hypocrite but a True One man Soldier who stands on truth regardless of any ones pain or displeasure!

“Y’all true Chameleons are all those nollywood People who knew that this relationship has been ongoing for the past 6 years but never mentioned it to May till it was too Late now they are Taking sides.

“Me ! I am true to myself and will remain So! In as much as I Sympathize with May on her pain , I will not inherit Enemies.

“Everyone is created by God is Human and I have no power to Judge anyone. I will continue to be Friends with all the parties involved till they find a peaceful Ground. Fu**k y’all Haters! God bless the Edochies . #peace #”

According to this Kinsmen, Vincent, May Edochie was fully aware that before the scandal, Judy Austin was her husband’s side Chic.

However, she was not aware that Yul had gone behind her back to seek Judy’s hands in marriage and also had a child.

Throwing more light on Uche’s revelations Irene Vincent wrote

Y’all are kidding me saying “may” didn’t know? Judy is my sister based on kins men something…but not blood related. We are one kins men and same village but different surname in my town. Almost the whole umuoji knew judy was dating yul but may didn’t know. Yul and judy comes to my village as often as he takes his bath to visit judy’s mum and siblings but may didn’t know. In this world where people don’t mind their business is what someone is telling me that yul dated judy for 6 years and hid it from the wife .

May knew her husband had a side chick abeg.

It was the pregnancy and and the marriage thing without her noticed that shocked her and left her bitter.

Uche is not even correct….Yul has been coming to my village with judy from my first years in school which is 10 years ago. Judy’s cousins are my classmates. On one of my visits, judy’s mum was on a video call with yul and judy and she was dancing and jumping up for the gift they bought for her. I seriously do not know what yul saw in judy, a woman that has been married two times with kids …but what ever it is, that thing is his weak point.

Because from the beginning judy has nothing to give yul that he can’t get from the wife …for those saying she is rich, it’s a lie. Yul cleaned up that girl and her family. She has rich relations but her family is average. Her brother is an electrician and painter but he just bought one new car recently which he claim his new inlaw gave him. Judy’s mum na village market mum and judy was a pure village girl patrolling with her fellow village girls before she moved to asaba and then to enugu

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