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“I’ve known Chioma for almost 20 years, she’s the best decision I ever made” – Davido (video)



“I’ve known Chioma for almost 20 years, she’s the best decision I ever made” – Davido (video)

Nigerian music sensation, Davido, recently opened up about the reasons behind his decision to marry his wife, Chioma.

In an interview with The Beat Atlanta, the singer shared insights on the key to happiness in finding a life partner.

When asked about the key to happiness in a relationship, Davido emphasized the importance of being with someone you are comfortable with.

He revealed that he and Chioma had known each other for a long time, as they met when he was still in his first year of college. Growing up together, they developed a strong sense of comfort and familiarity.

According to Davido, Chioma had become an integral part of his life, and he advised others to choose a spouse with whom they are compatible.

He described his relationship with Chioma as a match made in heaven, highlighting their deep connection and understanding.

Having known Chioma for almost two decades, Davido praised her culinary skills, mentioning that she is an excellent cook. He expressed that marrying her was the best decision he had ever made, concluding his statement on a positive note.

Watch him speak below,

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