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Man completes Trek-a-thon from Delta to Lagos to see Olamide [Photo]



Tbaddo, a promising Nigerian musician, recently embarked on a remarkable journey from Delta to Lagos.
Tbaddo, a promising Nigerian musician, recently embarked on a remarkable journey; Trek-a-thon from Delta to Lagos to meet Olamide.
He successfully finished his 29-day trek to meet the renowned singer and rapper, Olamide.

As reported by TheNation, the 27-year-old individual from Delta, Ughelli LGA, embarked on his journey on January 12, 2024, and reached Lagos on February 11, 2024.

Tbaddo expressed his motivation for leaving Delta in search of Olamide, believing that meeting the Rapper would be the key to achieving great success in the entertainment industry.

According to him, he thinks that incorporating a verse from Olamide into his work would greatly enhance his chances of achieving his goal, as he values his own musical talent. And he had chose the Trek-a-thon to achieve just that with Olamide.

“I see that people in Lagos do not value what they have. Look, Olamide is a spiritually bad man, the problem is he only helps Yoruba people if he comes to music. Come close to Olamide very well and look at his eyes tell me what you see.
“Olamide is the only person that can blow me up in the music industry. If Olamide jumps into your song just forget about promotion you did blow be that.”
According to the ‘On the Way’ crooner, he has a song underway titled ‘GuoGuo’ that he wants Olamide to jump on by blessing him with a verse.
Tbaddo emphasized that his drive stemmed from his deep passion for music and his conviction that it was his divine calling.
When asked by our correspondent how he managed to survive the entire 29-day journey before reaching Lagos, he disclosed that he left Delta with limited funds and relied on careful budgeting, supplemented by energy from a bottled drink.
He said: “I only had 4500 with me when I left for the journey, Right now, I only have 700 with me here in Lagos.”
The young artist who recently arrived in Lagos has stated that he is facing health challenges due to a lack of proper shelter, saying that he doesn’t know anyone in Lagos.
He expressed his hope that Olamide, a well-known artist, would be able to help him.
The young artist said that if Olamide doesn’t grant his wish, it will shatter all his hopes.
He added: “Hmmm, I have nothing to do. I better die than face the laughter of the world. Because right now people’s eyes are on me. I know Olamide will not like to tone me down. But if he does we leave the rest for God.”
Tbaddo said that his family members showed little interest in his trek-a-thon, adding that he felt that no one cares for a poor person.
“My family members do not need to worry about my life. Because you know when a man does not have money nobody cares about your life. You no this family people must of them are very bad. You no when I start this trekking journey dey are the one who said you are just killing myself for trekking Olamide we not even one to see you. But one thing I believe in life is God first.”
Tbaddo’s current location is at Aboki estate in Oniru Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

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