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“Daddy Freeze, take note” — VeryDarkMan shades Freeze



"Daddy Freeze, take note" -- VeryDarkMan shades Freeze

Martins Vincent Otse, popularly known as Verydarkman, a prominent social media activist, has publicly accused media personality Daddy Freeze of spreading rumors regarding a conversation between him and music sensation Davido.

Taking to Instagram, Verydarkman alleged that Daddy Freeze has been claiming in various media appearances that Davido expressed dissatisfaction with him due to his loquacious nature.

Refuting these claims, Verydarkman asserted that Davido does not dictate the content he posts on his social media platforms, emphasizing that he covers his own expenses and does not rely on Davido for financial support.

In his Instagram post, Verydarkman condemned Daddy Freeze’s alleged gossiping and stressed that his relationship with Davido is rooted in friendship, with no professional obligations attached.

There's somebody in power that is dating Bobrisky" – Verydarkman

“Daddy Freeze, while you continue spreading rumors that you and Davido discussed me and he expressed annoyance with my outspokenness, let me make one thing clear:

“Davido does not control my social media content. He does not provide for me financially or influence my decisions. I, Martins Vincent Otse, a.k.a Very Dark Man, am responsible for my own expenses. My association with Davido is purely based on friendship. So, Daddy Freeze, take note of this in your spreading of rumors,” Verydarkman wrote.