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“Why Chioma is not like other girls” — Davido



"Why Chioma is not like other girls" -- Davido

Rich folks like Davido also have it tough in their love life no matter how the glamour tries to overshadow reality at times, but for the artiste, there stands one thing that makes his unique — and that is his wife, Chioma Rowland.

The Nigerian music sensation David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has shared insights into his relationship with his wife, Chioma, revealing that they crossed paths before his rise to fame and fortune.

The billionaire’s son disclosed this during his appearance as a guest on the latest episode of The Bridge Show, where he reflected on the significance of meeting Chioma prior to attaining success.

Davido expressed gratitude for encountering Chioma before his breakthrough in the music industry, highlighting the pivotal role she played in his life and the depth of their connection.

He remarked, “I have a very rich friend who is single, whenever I’m on the phone with my wife, he would be like he has everything in this world but this is what he is missing.”

"Why Chioma is not like other girls" -- Davido

The award-winning artist emphasized the importance of meeting Chioma before acquiring wealth, suggesting that their relationship blossomed authentically without the influence of his fame or financial status.

Reflecting on his journey to success, Davido underscored the value of maintaining genuine relationships with those who supported him during his early days in the industry.

“To me, success is when I am doing something and I see all those people who were around me when I was nothing, and they see me now. That’s the sweetest thing ever,” Davido remarked, highlighting the significance of loyalty and staying grounded amidst fame.