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The Importance Of Digital Marketing For Your Business



The Internet has changed how we live and transact today.

It provides an avenue for people to reach out to one another no matter the distance.

Before the Internet era, businesses relied only on physical advertising, but now marketers have different options to choose from various digital marketing channels for example, mediawise Digital Agency.
We can’t overlook the importance of digital marketing in today’s world. It is the most efficient way to reach your targeted audience in a matter of seconds.

Every business now has a strategy that defines the plan for their digital marketing journey. The first form of marketing online is the creation of websites.

Notwithstanding, having a website is not enough for effective marketing of your goods and services. New forms of digital marketing are making waves and businesses are taking the advantages of them.

You should too. You might be wondering what the fuss on digital marketing is all about. Below are some of the importance of digital marketing and ten reasons why you need it to integrate into your business.

  • High ROI

Digital marketing produces a better result when compared to any other types of marketing. The returns generated are very high, especially in email marketing which can return about 3800% of the amount spent.

This is the best method a small business can use to generate leads and conversion in real time without the fear of losing funds on ads.

Every dollar counts, and it is obvious there will be an ROI if you run your campaign the right way. Apart from this, social media marketing turns readers into customers seven times more than traditional marketing. Being able to target specific audience also prevents you from spending on those that would not buy from you.

  • Most People are Online

The presence of social networks has provided a place for people to mingle and relate. People of various interests and lifestyles can be found on social media. Most account holders spend most of their leisure time online surfing through their social media pages.

This is an opportunity for businesses to reach out to users with posts and ads to get their attention. A study found out that over one billion people are on Facebook, while 76% of these users spend at least two hours online every day.

You can’t go wrong with social media ads campaign if you target the right audience.

-Targeted Advertising


Another benefit the Internet offers is the ability to find specific categories of people online. This makes it possible to target groups of people of a certain age range, interests, location and so on. You may also choose the number of people you want your ad to reach.

Digital marketing lets you focus on a particular person who really needs your goods and services. When you run targeted ads, you get to customize it and choose the right audience and the specifications you want your ad to meet.

This types of marketing lowers the cost of running ads indefinitely. The results are more visible and you can track who is viewing your ads, and where they live.

  • Personalization

One of the reasons why marketers prefer digital marketing is the ability for them to customize it.

The arms of digital marketing provide an avenue for personalization especially email marketing. We talked about placing targeted ads online, email personalization is broader and can focus solely on a particular person rather than groups.

Email marketing is an effective way to gain prospective customers because you converse directly with them. Your audience trusts you more when you build a relationship with them through email.

Personalization lets you reach out to each customer with customized information made for the person alone. You make use of the data submitted when they subscribe to your newsletter.

-Using Analytics


With traditional advertisement, you can’t really know if your ads really get to the right people. There is no analysis of how the ads were viewed and if it leaves an impression on them. For instance, a TV or newspaper ad can be viewed by ten thousand people but there is no way to know if these people really looked at the ad.

Using digital marketing, you can see the analysis of who saw your ads, where they are, are they interested, and so on.All these can be done with Google analytic. It’s also a way to know if your ads really convert.

-Ideal for Small Businesses


Most of the time, big businesses come into the city and tower above other small businesses, dwarfing them completely. Competing with a big name in the industry is hard for businesses with limited funds to market.

Digital marketing eliminates these gaps by giving the right tools to stay ahead of the competition.
There are myriads of advertising packages to choose from.

This will let you cut your coat according to your cloth. You can schedule and run ads in relation to your budget. The ads you run reaches the set of people you target, and there’s a chance that these people would be interested in what you sell or do.


Another importance of digital marketing is the ability of people to review your products and services. Satisfied customers can write a review on platforms and recommend others. All businesses that have an online presence always strive to get good reviews from customers.

This means every business finds a way to improve the services so as to get the best reviews. Most online shoppers likely want at least two to three people to recommend a business before they buy anything. Online searches are performed over one trillion times a year. Some of these searches are based on commodities and services.

Searchers are drawn to brands with the best reviews and they are three times more likely to buy from them. Digital marketing makes it possible for customers to recommend you, share your posts on social media thereby getting new customers for you.

  • Cost Effective

The cost of running a television ad is very high, especially if you choose a reputable TV company or want your ad displayed on the most viewed programs.

Compared to digital marketing, the total cost required to run an ad can finance up to five ads on Facebook for five days, considering the fact that the ads on Facebook are more likely to generate more leads.

-Easy to Adjust

If your company uses a type of marketing, especially traditional marketing for many years without changing it, then it is likely that your marketers are used to the system.

Digital marketing offers as many forms of marketing as you want. It is easy to divert your resources into a different method without causing havoc. You can run email campaigns as well as social media simultaneously.

  • Increase Brand Awareness


Digital marketing does not only promote your services and products, but also creates awareness of your brand as a whole.

It gives people the impression that they need to transact with you. When customers communicate with you online, they seem to trust you more.

People are always eager to buy products from notable brands because they trust them.