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FG leads global initiative to safeguard underwater cables — Minister



In a significant move, Bosun Tijani, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, has announced plans to spearhead a global initiative aimed at enhancing the protection of underwater cables.

Tijani revealed this intention on Sunday via the social networking platform X, emphasising the critical role of these cables in the digital economy.

The announcement comes in the wake of an undersea cable cut affecting several countries, including Ghana, Togo, and Senegal.

Tijani stressed the urgency of revising international legislation and fostering collaborations with regional and global agencies to expedite efforts to safeguard this vital infrastructure.

Assuring those impacted by the disruptions, Tijani affirmed that the Nigerian Communications Commission is actively engaged with relevant stakeholders to promptly resolve the issues at hand.

He emphasised the significance of this initiative in ensuring the resilience and reliability of underwater cables, essential lifelines in today’s interconnected world.

Tijani also commended the collaborative efforts of telecom industry leaders, including @GloWorld, @WIOCC_, @MTNNG, and @Mainoneservice, in mitigating the impact of the cuts.

He underscored the importance of reviewing international laws and collaborations to adequately protect undersea cables, committing to engaging with regional and global bodies to accelerate efforts on this critical agenda.

The recent undersea cable disruptions have led to operational challenges for numerous banks, financial institutions, and telecom businesses in Nigeria and other West African countries.

Cable companies such as the West African Cable System and African Coast to Europe, along with SAT3 and MainOne, have encountered difficulties as a result of the cutbacks on the West Coast route from Europe.

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