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“I will kiss Portable for the Money” — Destiny Amaka



"I will kiss Portable for the Money" -- Destiny Amaka

In a recent interview with Inside Scoops by Pulse, hosted by former BBNaija star Uriel Oputa, Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka opened up about the criteria that might lead her to kiss famed Nigerian musician Portable.

During the conversation, Amaka disclosed that she would be willing to kiss Portable if she were compensated for it. She further elaborated that even in the absence of financial incentives, she would strive to deliver whatever content the audience desired.

Describing Portable as a talented individual, Destiny Amaka praised his intellect, attributing his appeal to his intelligence. Additionally, she acknowledged Portable’s status as a father to multiple children, advising young men to prioritize financial stability.

The interview sparked discussions online, with individuals expressing diverse opinions regarding Amaka’s statements and the perception of Portable within the entertainment industry.

varied reactions from some went like:

@sleek_papi commented, “lol. This one wey don Dey comot for market.”

@homectasy remarked, “Gen z role models.”

@dees_fabrics24 observed, “No wonder he Dey hot. Na dem Dey rush am.”

@2908×1 quipped, “Imagine them sounding like they better than him. Very funny.”