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“I was a mad woman before being born again” – Ifu Ennada expresses anger following stern warning from Uriel Oputa



Ifu Ennada Uriel Oputa

Popular reality star Ifu Ennada has unleashed a fiery response to a warning she received from her colleague, Uriel Oputa, daring her to do her worst.

Earlier, it was reported that Uriel Oputa had issued a warning to Ifu Ennada regarding an undisclosed issue, setting a deadline of 8 pm for her to take action.

In response, Ifu Ennada expressed her strong emotions, stating that just because she usually minds her own business does not mean she is incapable of fighting back fiercely if necessary.

In a bold and unapologetic reaction, Ifu Ennada stated that just because she usually minds her own business does not mean she cannot engage in a fierce confrontation if necessary.

Expressing her anger, she made it clear that whatever Uriel wants to do, she can go ahead and do it without hesitation.

She wrote:

“The fact that I mind my business a lot doesn’t mean that I cant fight dirty. Before giving my life to Christ, I was a certified “Mad Woman’, ask about me. Na person wey no know me go feel say e fit do anyhow give me. #ifYouDoAnyhowYouGoSeeAnyhow #YouCantBullyTheOriginalBully

There’s a reason why I follow just 84 people on this Instagram – it’s because I don’t like wahala, I like my peace and I keep my circle small. I don’t like wahala or anything that tries to destroy me.

God pls help me. I’m so angry my heart feels like bursting, please help me

God cos e no go funny.


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