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Ifu Ennada debunks allegation saying she was paid N500K to sleep with a man



Ifu Ennada

Nigerian film actor and former Big Brother Naija’s housemate, Ifu Ennada has debunks rumors saying she was paid N500, 000.00 to have sex with a man.


Ifu Ennada refutes the allegation, saying it was all a rumor made up by a fake blogger. The actor says even if she were to be in prostitution, N500k is too small for her.


She said she could easily give more than N500K to people and so how would she have settled so much for less. In her words, she said;


“A fake blogger once said a man paid me 500k to have sex. If I want to do Olosho work, 500k is not what I’ll collect because I can give and have given people way more than that.”


Speaking further on the issue, the former BBNaija hoped that the same judgement that was ruled in favor of American rapper, Cardi B would be applied in Nigeria. Cardi B’s case is more or less  the same as  Ifu Ennada’s case because a blogger had given a false accusation of the rapper’s character, which made the rapper sue the blogger.


“Plus I don’t subscribe to money for sex. I wish this judgment can happen in Nigeria. Congrats to Cardi B”, she said.




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