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“I like what the Super League is doing to UEFA and FIFA” — Klopp



"I like what the Super League is doing to UEFA and FIFA" -- Klopp

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp is perhaps one man if not the only man who has for ages found himself being critical of the various football associations there is, be it FIFA or the UEFA and even the English Football Association to a stretch.

With the announcement and formation of the European Super League, the German admits there is a silver lining to it, despite not agreeing with what the association stands for in modern football.

According to the former Borussia Dortmund manager, the introduction of the European Super League is something that will keep the respective football associations (FIFA, UEFA, FA) in check and perhaps reduce their autonomy in the game.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference on Friday ahead of the Arsenal game, Jurgen Klopp said to reporters;

“I agree 100% with the statement and the verdict,” stressing his support with the club for choosing to distance itself from the Super League.

However, in a subsequent quote, Jurgen Klopp explained the silver lining regarding the potential existence of the European Super League in opposition with the UEFA and FIFA bodies;

“I also like that we get an understanding that UEFA and other FAs can’t just do what they want… putting in more games with people having no say in it,”

“I like that UEFA and FIFA got a bit of a shake.” the Liverpool boss said.

With the Super League getting a verdict allowing its existence as an autonomous body despite the frantic opposition of UEFA, and FIFA, a power dynamic seems to be shaping up that leaves clubs moving forward, with the upper hand.

Although a host of clubs made swift moves to reject the newly formed association, the pressure now rests on the respective football associations to now listen to football clubs.