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HURIWA accuse Clarke of instigating Civil War



Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, (HURIWA) have pleaded on Robert Clarke, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), to distance himself from statements that hold implications of destabilizing the democracy of the country.

The association go on to advise the states man to work instead towards leaving behind legacies that future generations could be proud of.

This comes as a reaction to the statement made by Clarke where the states man advises the President on extending his tenure by 6 months so as to tackle the issue of insecurity plaguing the country, before any thoughts towards conducting the general elections are considered.

While speaking with Arise Television, the elder states man defended his proposal noting that the constitution provided the President the privilege to extend his tenure by six months if conditions were not ripe for an election.

This proposal then prompted a reaction from HURIWA as regards the elder statesman’s suggestion for a tenure extension.

“We think that when elders talk they should show wisdom rather than make people begin to wonder what type of warped logic is being unleashed,” the association reacted in their statement signed by its National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko.

The association went on to address Nigerians, calling on proactive resistance to proposals that request an extension of tenure for the President before the elections in 2023.

The group then proceed to accuse the Chief of inciting unrest, asking what he intends to achieve by causing a civil war with a proposal that could threaten stability.

The rights group condemned Chief Clarke’s position, describing it as retrogressive and not different from the anti-democratic action of Chief Arthur Nzeribe who had gone to the Abuja High Court to secure the controversial annulment of the 1993 June 12th election that had been adjudged to be “free, fair and transparent.”

HURIWA go on to posit that if the President had troubles tackling insecurity in 7 years, he wouldn’t be able to resolve it even if given two lifetimes.

The association finalizes that the election of 2023 must go on no matter the circumstance while calling on Nigerians to actively reject the proposal of Chief Clarke which they theorize could plunge Nigeria into civil war.