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Tinubu wins the APC Presidential Primaries, What next?



Bola Ahmed Tinubu


The Nigerian political scene is one that can be called a comedy circus.

A circus in the sense that there stands a great cast of characters there to make only the headlines, and make things more dramatic.

Prior to the APC Presidential Primaries, a whole lot of politicians under the All Progressives Congress umbrella, riled the media space all with the interest for the title of President.

Rightly, it was their right. They all had a claim to the title.

Some felt they were ordained for it, others felt it was their birth right, the rest felt they needed to prove a point. And let’s not leave behind those who felt the money could do the talking and win delegate votes.

But whatever the scene or the circus, one notion is always guaranteed; the curtain ultimately falls on the performance.

And this performance ends with former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu coming out as the winner.

But what about the others? What about those who spent the 100 million naira sum to buy the tickets of the party while the economy falls, Civil servants in their various States go hungry and Insecurities plague the country?

Do they go back resigning to their fates?

The fate that they had just gambled a stellar sum just to buy one ticket each only to ultimately loose out to one person.

Do they go back to living normal, sleep like babies knowing if each could have joined together a 100 million naira, they could very much have solved a problem that plagues the country?

Perhaps the idea is that they could change things only if and when in power as an individual and not a collective.

Now, this is why the Nigerian political scene is a comedy.

The irony, the joke is on the Nigerian and the African society.

And as the world watches, the question the Western media and the world in general asks is; What next?