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How Nigeria’s youngest commissioner met Governor Seyi Makinde on LinkedIn



Seun Fakorede Seyi Makinde

Newly sworn-in 27-year old commissioner for youths and sports in Oyo State, Oluwaseun Fakorede has revealed that he met the State Governor, Seyi Makinde, on LinkedIn.


According to Seun Fakorede, he had no prior experience in politics but had always been impressed by Seyi Makinde’s style of politics.

See excerpt from an interview with Punch:

Have you ever done partisan politics before?


So, how did you come in contact with the governor?

Anytime you see anything that is valuable, I tell people that your opportunity and responsibility is to be able to serve . Like I said, I’m not a card- carrying member of any political party whatsoever. There are a number of individuals that feel that they have what it takes to take the country to the next level. So, all I will do personally is think of them in assisting them to serve , especially the youths. Those are the things that I would say to them.

It is just worthy of mention that His Excellency is someone that when he says something , he actually stands by it . It’s not like this was as a result of ‘oh maybe I met him.’ No. If you don’ t have the capacity, nobody will commit things into your hands. People will says ‘Let us look at the things that he has done. Let us see if he actually has what it takes to be able to man this ministry. ’That’s why I think we are here today.

When the governor and I connected — we connected via LinkedIn — it was without the intention of this at all. All I said to myself was, just like I said, when I see people that could actually offer service to the country, I like to just volunteers. I have been into public service since as far back as 2003/2004 .

How long ago did you connect with him on LinkedIn?
This was sometime in March 2018. I contacted him and told him I had been following his style of politics for quite some time and I was willing to volunteer in his campaign and that was how we started.

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