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Make right electoral choices in 2023- Seyi Makinde



Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state has said he hopes Nigerians are prepared to make the right electoral choices in 2023, as “choices have consequences”.

Governor Makinde tweeted this on Friday as he announced taking down the tweet which expressed his opposition towards the imposed Twitter ban by the Federal Government.

Makinde stated that Twitter was an avenue for citizens to share their opinions and give feedback on governance.

“As leaders, we should go beyond emotional reactions to issues and think about how our actions will affect the people we lead and our international ratings socially and economically.

“Twitter has become the platform for young people and indeed all Nigerians to exercise their fundamental right to express and publish an opinion. They use the platform to complain, argue and give feedback to the government and its agencies who in turn, use these to improve policies.

“This is a fundamental point that should be kept in mind as we debate the necessity of this suspension,” his June 5, 2021 statement read in part.

He wrote, “As I take down my pinned tweet, which showed my unequivocal stand against the #TwitterBan which lasted 222 days, I’d like to remind us all that our choices have consequences.

“With the 2023 elections around the corner, I hope we are prepared to make the right electoral choices.”

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