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Emi Martinez Has Ruined Argentina’s Victory—Patrick Vieira



Emi Martinez Has Ruined Argentina’s Victory—Patrick Vieira

Emi Martinez, the goalkeeper for Aston Villa, has come under fire from Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira for his treatment of Kylian Mbappe during Argentina World Cup celebrations.

During Argentina’s World Cup parade, the goalie held a figurine of Mbappe next to Lionel Messi.

Vieira claims that such mistreatment of a fellow player “hurt the game.”

In the World Cup final in Qatar, the South Americans prevailed over the reigning champions on penalties, but they went overboard in their celebrations.

Emi Martinez started off by making fun of Mbappe immediately following the championship game by calling for a moment of silence in his honor while Argentina partied in the locker room.

Emiliano Martinez’s actions after the championship game have drawn harsh criticism, and Vieira, a World Cup champion with France in 1998, said that all of this has tarnished Argentina’s triumph.

“When you are talking about the abuse and the comments that he [Mbappe] received after the World Cup, I think that is damaging the game and himself,” Vieira told the press on Friday ahead of Crystal Palace’s Boxing Day Premier League.

“Some of the pictures that I saw from the Argentina goalkeeper took away a little bit from what Argentina achieved at the World Cup.

“That was a stupid decision from Martinez to do that.”