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“Elon Musk was an annoying boss who did not like hearing no from people” SpaceX co-founder Reveals



SpaceX co-founder Tom Mueller, who worked with Elon Musk for over 20 years revealed that Elon Musk didn’t like when people told him something wasn’t possible. 

He said that he learnt to never say no to the billionaire.

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter (now called X) last year, his leadership style made a lot of headlines.

From stopping work from home to asking people to work longer hours to get things done, Musk made a lot of changes at the social media company.

And when a picture of Esther Crawford sleeping in Twitter’s offices went viral, people started talking about the tough working conditions that the employees had to face.

On a related note, Crawford was later fired by Musk.

But if you think only Twitter employees had to work longer hours, you might be wrong.

According to the recently-released biography of the billionaire written by Walter Isaacson, Musk was an ‘insane’ boss at SpaceX.

He would put engineers on a tight schedule and give them impossible deadlines. And if anyone said that something ‘couldn’t be done’, they were not invited to the next meeting.

“If you were negative or thought something couldn’t be done, you were not invited to the next meeting. He just wanted people who would make things happen,” Mueller told Isaacson in his biography, reveals Business Insider.

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