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Tech officially replaces as primary domain


on replaces as official domain

The social network formerly known as Twitter has now fully transitioned to for all its core systems.

Typing into your browser will redirect you to Elon Musk’s favoured domain, although the redirection results may vary depending on your browser and login status.

A notice at the bottom of the X login page reads, “We are letting you know that we are changing our URL, but your privacy and data protection settings remain the same.”

This domain switch marks one of the more awkward phases of Elon Musk’s rebranding efforts.

Despite many aspects of the platform, such as its official account, mobile apps, and “X Premium” subscriptions, having adopted the new branding, the URLs have remained since Musk announced the rebrand to X.

The change began back in August of last year when some users noticed they could copy links from X’s iOS app share sheet. Cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs pointed out last month that this inconsistent transition has led to an increase in phishing attacks.

Musk has a long history with the URL, having launched a business under the name in 1999, which eventually became part of PayPal. Musk’s vision for the modern-day X is to create a WeChat-like “everything app.”

Regardless of its future, one thing is certain: it’s not Twitter anymore.


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