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SpaceX launches Starlink Mini for standalone use across US



SpaceX launches Starlink Mini for standalone use across US

SpaceX has introduced its latest innovation, the Starlink Mini dish, now available as a standalone option nationwide in the United States.

Initially requiring users to subscribe to a $150 standard service plan, SpaceX has now made it possible for consumers to choose the Mini with a mobile regional plan priced at $150 per month, offering unlimited data—a solution particularly suited for RVs and travelers exploring remote areas.

Alternatively, the Mini Roam plan, costing $50 monthly, provides 50GB of data, ideal for part-time travelers.

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The Starlink Mini kit, priced at $599 upfront, includes essential accessories such as a kickstand and power supply. Notably, the kit integrates Wi-Fi capabilities, simplifying setup and usage for users on the go.

In related news, Starlink continues to make waves internationally. In Kenya, the tech giant is offering discounted internet kits until August 5 at select Naivas Supermarket branches.

Since its launch in July 2023, Starlink has focused on providing high-speed broadband to remote areas, significantly reducing installation costs to KSh 45,500 from KSh 89,000. This move aims to enhance internet accessibility, with monthly subscription fees also lowered to KSh 1,300 for a 50GB data bundle—directly challenging market leaders Safaricom and Airtel.

Elon Musk‘s initiative has not only revolutionized internet access in Kenya but has also empowered local communities.

During recent protests, affordable Starlink connectivity enabled demonstrators to share real-time videos and images via Musk’s social media platform, X, amplifying their voices and increasing the visibility of their cause.


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