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Edo Community Leader gets assassinated in Church



Edo Community Leader gets assassinated in Church

In a shocking and tragic incident, unidentified gunmen launched a ruthless attack on a church in the border region between Amagba and Evbukhu near Benin City in Edo State, resulting in the brutal assassination of a well-respected community leader.

The victim, identified as Solomon Ehinoma, widely known as Ehis, was ruthlessly murdered in the presence of his wife, two children, and fellow churchgoers on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

According to reports from the Standard Gazette, the assailants infiltrated the church premises and carried out the heinous act, which sent shockwaves through the community. Solomon Ehinoma was a prominent businessman and held the position of Chief Security Officer (CSO) in the Oke-oroma Community.

In an emotional interview with the publication, Mrs. Osareniye Solomon, the grief-stricken wife of the deceased, recounted the horrifying incident that abruptly transformed her into a widow. According to Osareniye, the gunmen laid a well-planned ambush for Ehinoma within the church compound, and the attack occurred immediately after the conclusion of the church service.

“At approximately 11 am, as our church service came to an end, the pastor announced that there would be a meeting for both men and women. My husband informed me that he had to leave, and he exited the church. I asked my daughter to follow him and retrieve something from him for me. In an instant, I heard a gunshot from outside, causing my daughter to hastily return to the safety of the church. Meanwhile, my husband attempted to flee back inside. Before we knew it, a group of assailants surrounded his vehicle. They numbered more than ten,” she recounted.

Panic and chaos ensued as church attendees scrambled for cover while the assailants unleashed a hail of bullets without restraint. Tragically, some innocent church members were also hit by stray bullets.

Mrs. Osareniye tearfully added, “My husband was shot in front of the church, and they even attacked him with a machete.”

The heartless gunmen not only ended Ehinoma’s life but also callously stole his mobile phone and ATM card before fleeing the scene.

“Following the murder, they took his phone and ATM card before escaping. Three days prior to his death, my husband showed me a text message he received from a specific number, stating that he and two others had been marked for death before the end of this year,” revealed Osareniye, sharing a chilling detail.

The spokesperson for the Edo State Police Command, SP Chidi Nwabuzor, confirmed the tragic incident and assured the public that the State Commissioner of Police, CP Mohammed Dankwara, had ordered an extensive investigation into the matter.

Gunmen assassinate community leader at church in Edo

Nwabuzor urged anyone with valuable information to come forward, assuring them that their cooperation would be treated with utmost confidentiality, as it would significantly contribute to identifying, apprehending, and prosecuting the perpetrators of this horrific crime.

The community remains in shock and mourning as they grapple with the loss of a beloved leader, while authorities strive to bring justice to Solomon Ehinoma and provide solace to his grieving family and friends.