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Armed bandits attack Imariogha village in Edo State, Nigeria



Armed bandits attack Imariogha village in Edo State

A group of armed bandits, identified as ‘Ijaw Freedom Fighters,’ launched an attack on Imariogha village near Okomu Oil Palm Plantation in Edo State, setting fire to eight vehicles.

The assailants also killed one person during their assault on the AT&P village in Ovia South West Local Government Area.

Edo’s Commissioner of Police, Funsho Adegboye, confirmed the incident, pledging collaboration with security agencies and the oil palm company to quell the unrest.

Eyewitnesses reported that the attackers arrived from the riverside, torching vehicles and damaging residences.

Despite the tragic outcome, community leader Rex Akpokiniovo revealed that one person was injured and another hospitalized.

Meanwhile, the Economic Financial Criminal Commission (EFCC) raised concerns about Edo’s high financial-related criminal convictions, ranking second in the country after Lagos.

The EFCC’s Effa Okim attributed this trend to cybercrime, noting its adverse impact on societal values.

Okim emphasized parental responsibility in curbing such activities and pledged collaboration with the media to combat cybercrime and its associated crimes.

The commission vowed to crack down on offences like public money spraying, citing its detrimental effect on youth aspirations and societal norms.

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