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Delegates protest over omission from accreditation



Some delegates from Akwa Ibom have protested at the APC special convention in Abuja after they were omitted from the exercise.


One of the protesters stated that a court order presented by the accreditation officer stopped the Akwa Ibom delegates from being accredited.


The delegate said, “We came here since morning for accreditation. Over seven hours now, nothing is happening.


“So we saw a guy here with a court order when we wanted to start accreditation.


“When he brought the court order, instead of giving it to the chairman, he gave a different person and he said they should stop the accreditation.


“Nobody saw the content of the court order, but they said it’s a court order. He didn’t read it but said it’s a court order for us to stop accreditation.


“If there is an issue, before you give people a court order, you must read for everyone to know who brought the court order.”

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