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Christian marriage dissolved over wife’s alleged affair with RCCG Pastor



A marriage between Christian brethren is on the brink of collapse after the wife was accused of being involved in an extra-marital affair with an RCCG pastor. 

TopNaija understands that a couple who were supposedly married at a Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, in Uyo has been split.

The wife was believed to be having an adulterous affair with another pastor from one of Akwa Ibom state’s new generational churches.

TopNaija learned that the petitioner and respondent were married on November 28, 2009, at a marriage registrar in Uyo, and their reception was held at a local RCCG.

Their thirteen-year marriage, however, came to a sudden end after the husband discovered his wife sleeping with a priest.

The marriage was approved by an Akwa Ibom State High Court in the Eket Local Government Area over the weekend.

The petitioner told the court that his 36-year-old wife had slept with one of the state’s new generational churches’ pastor.

Justice Pius Idiong, the presiding judge who dissolved the marriage, bemoaned the rising number of instances of divorce and separation caused by the actions of some churches and their pastors.

Idiong said, “It is a great pain that the church and its ministers, who are supposed to be agents and apostles of sustainability of the family, which the Catholic Pontiff, St. Pope John Paul described as ‘the domestic church’ are the precursors and catalysts of broken marriages and families today.”

The fact that the claimed man of God was alleged to have given the pastor’s wife some substance to administer to her husband, according to the court, was even more concerning, prompting the 42-year-old husband to seek dissolution of the marriage.

In this day and age, where domestic violence is the norm, Idiong believes the couple can no longer live together.

The judge stated that it would be better to separate them than to allow them to remain together, as this had led in married couples killing each other.

Idiong said: “The couple should be alive apart, than for any of them to be lost on account of matrimonial disagreement.”

Topnaija understands that the court also handed their father custody of their two children, aged eight and ten, “subject to the condition that their mother shall not be denied access to her children.”

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