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Pastor apprehended after hiring hitman to kill daughter’s lover



Pastor hitman

A 47-year-old pastor of a Victorville church has been apprehended after he was accused of hiring hitmen to gun down his daughter’s partner.

The Pastor, identified as Samuel Pasillas was said to have paid almost $40,000 to have his daughter’s lover to be killed.

As confirmed by the Riverside Police Department, the supposed pastor gave out all the information about the daughter’s suitor, including his whereabouts on the day the job would be carried out, which was October 2023.

TopNaija gathered that the victim was hit by a lot of bullets from the hitmen in Riverside in a drive-by on Oct. 21, 2023. Fortunately, he survived the near-death experience after driving himself to a nearby hospital.

Investigators say they later determined that the would-be killers had been hired by his girlfriend’s father, Pasillas, who never agreed to their union in the first place.

The men allegedly conducted surveillance on the victim for weeks leading up to the shooting, and Pasillas also allegedly provided them details on their target’s whereabouts.

“He actually provided information to these suspects that he hired,” said Riverside Police Officer Ryan Railsback. “He paid them almost $40,000.

The two men then drove up to the victim, who was in his own car on Grove Community Drive in Riverside, and opened fire, wounding him.

Last week, Riverside police arrested Pasillas and one of the alleged hit men, Juan Manuel Cebreros, 55, of Long Beach.

 Juan Manuel Cebreros

Juan Manuel Cebreros
Detectives seek for the arrest of a second accomplice — another man, Jesus Abel Felix Garcia, but his whereabouts are unknown.

Pasillas and Cebreros entered pleas of not guilty during a joint arraignment on Monday, March 18, at the Riverside Hall of Justice. They are scheduled to attend a felony settlement conference on March 26.

The two individuals are currently being detained at the Robert Presley Jail in Riverside, with bail set at an amount of $1 million for each of them.

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