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Chad: We’ve reinforced security at borders – Defence minister



Chad: We’ve reinforced security at borders - Defence minister Magashi

The Minister of defence, Bashir Magashi, on Thursday, disclosed that the security at the borders has been reinforced to avoid mass invasion of Chadian refugees into Nigeria.

Magashi announced this while briefing State House journalists at the Presidential Ministerial briefing planned by the Presidential Communication Team at the State House, Abuja.

The Minister declared that the move became necessary following recent developments in Chad.

He said, “When we heard of this unfortunate killing of the Chadian President, we know that problem is bound to be created between neighbouring countries and Nigeria will be most hit by his absence. If there is insecurity in Chad, there will be a problem.

“But thank God, a lot of military activities with the Chadian, Niger, Cameroon, were all that concerned. So, in the name of a multinational joint task force, all these countries, including Chad are contributing countries for the operation.

“What we hope is that very soon, we will find a secure for the continuation of this thing.

“We are beefing up security in our borders to ensure that no bandits come into Nigeria after the killing of Chad President. All we have prayed is that African countries will find a solution to the problem of Chad.

“The problem of Chad is now going to be aggravated because we are not sure the direction in which that country is going to face, but I assure you that we are mindful of borders, and we are mindful of the development, and politically, the government is putting its heads together to see how best they can restore the peace in that country.

“So, security-wise, we are beefing up all our borders to ensure that refugees do not flow into our country, even Nigerians, I am sure they would come back, we must prepare for them and allow them to come in and refuse others to come because of the problems it will create.

“The issues of weapons and arms, Chad is the buffer stopping all these infiltrations of weapons and the rest of it.”

“We also have to take care of that and prepare our minds to it. I think we are on top of the situation, all we are praying is that all African countries will find a solution to the problem of Chad, and get on moving as a democratic society as expected by the international organisation the world over.”