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Don Jazzy laments toxicity of X in 2024



Don Jazzy laments toxicity of X in 2024

Social media can be a toxic platform on many occasions, with cyber bullying rife on internet platforms particularly X according to veteran music producer, Don Jazzy.

The Nigerian music mogul whose absence on the platform has been noticed for a while, took on to X to blasts cyber-bullies who troll the space and subject users to online attacks. According to Don Jazzy, that on its end, held mental health implications.

In a candid post via his X handle on Saturday, the music mogul stated, “Your mental health is the currency you use to subscribe to Twitter in 2024.”

This remark highlights his belief that the platform’s environment could be detrimental to users’ mental well-being as due to its toxicity at times.

Following his statement, a fan pointed out the noticeable decline in his social media presence, particularly on X since he started limiting his usage. The fan wrote, “Your engagement level come drop sha as you leave us japa finally to insta.”

Don Jazzy responded succinctly, “Make e drop. Una wahala too much for here,” indicating his preference for reduced interaction on the platform due to its demanding and often overwhelming nature.