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Carpenter sentenced to life imprisonment over sexually assaulting 12-year-old



sexual assault life imprisonment

An elderly carpenter named Olagbade Jeremiah, aged 79, has been handed a life sentence by the Lagos State Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court in Ikeja. The conviction results from his act of defiling a 12-year-old girl.

Justice Abiola Soladoye announced a verdict on Monday, March 4, stating that the prosecution successfully demonstrated the convict’s guilt of defilement beyond a reasonable doubt.

Jeremiah faced charges of sexual assault by penetration brought against him by the state during his arraignment. According to the lead prosecution counsel, Olusola Soneye, during the trial, the court was informed that the offence committed violated Section 261 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015. In court, Soneye, the Director of Public Prosecutions, stated that the convict sexually assaulted the victim by inserting his finger in her vagina.

The incident reportedly occurred in 2021 at the workshop of the convict located in the Mammy Barracks Market in the Ojo area of Lagos State.

Three witnesses, including the victim, were called by the prosecution during the trial.

During the verdict, Soladoye stated that the victim mentioned selling sachet water and the convict would buy all unsold sachets when she couldn’t sell them all. As per the judge, the victim mentioned in her testimony that she received N100 from the convict each time he committed the act against her.

“He usually gave me money. Before he gives me the money, he removes my pants. Every time it happens, he gives me N100.”

Justice Soladoye also stated that the victim did not inform anybody about the incident because she was afraid her mother would beat her. She said the victim’s mother beat her up when she found out and gave her sachet water to hawk.

“I could not tell my mother because she would beat me up. My pocket money was N30. So, anytime I went to him (the convict), he would give me N100.”

According to Justice Soladoye, he initially denied knowing the victim, only through the mother of the victim.

However, under cross-examination, he said he knew the victim.

The judge said;

“He denied knowing the victim but admitted knowing her through her mother. He also denied having anything to do with the poor girl. Under cross-examination, he stated that the victim was known to him. He claimed not to understand the English language whereas he gave evidence in the English language before this honourable court.”

Justice Sholadoye described the convict as a “pathological liar.”

During the verdict, the judge stated that the prosecution witnesses’ evidence was credible and honest. The victim’s testimony was supported by other prosecution witnesses who described the witness accounts as “incredible, compelling, and cogent,” according to her statement. She maintained that the evidence they presented proved the crime of sexual assault by penetration.

“I am convinced that the prosecution has proved each of the ingredients of sexual assault by penetration,” noting that the mother of the victim was also to be blamed. The mother is blameworthy for sending her daughter to go and hawk sachet water. The defendant is indeed a very dirty old man who took advantage of a 12-year-old girl and turned her v*gina into a playhouse.” the judge said

She convicted the defendant on the one count charge of sexual assault by penetration and sentenced him to life imprisonment ordering that the name of the convict should be registered in the Lagos State S3xual Offences Register.

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