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Lady reveals how Hotel owner in Ikeja raped job seeker



Twitter user reveals how Hotel owner raped job seeker

She was vulnerable, out searching for a job, lured and raped by a hotel owner in Ikeja.

In a harrowing personal account shared on Twitter, a user identified as @freakymaris reveals the dark side of a seemingly innocent job search that led to a life-altering experience for a job seeker.

The post, which has since gone viral, details how the writer’s life took a traumatic turn due to an encounter with a hotel owner on Allen Avenue, Ikeja.

Growing up under constant pressure from her parents to secure employment, the writer was desperate to find a job. Recalling a man she had previously met who owned a prestigious hotel, she decided to reach out to him for potential employment. Little did she know, this decision would haunt her for years to come.

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Upon contacting the hotel owner, he invited her to his hotel for an interview. The meeting started off with professional questions about her qualifications and suitability for a receptionist role.

However, things took a sinister turn when he offered the job seeker alcohol, which she declined in favor of water. Moments after drinking the water, she began to feel disoriented, yet she pressed on, determined to make a good impression.

The hotel owner then insisted on showing her around the hotel rooms. Despite feeling uneasy, she followed him, only to realize too late that she had been drugged. Once inside the room, the imposing and physically intimidating hotel owner is alleged to have shut the door behind him before carrying on with the act.

As the said writer recounts, it becomes clear that the rape was a premeditated assault, with hotel staff possibly complicit in the crime. The writer’s account of the incident reveals the horror she endured and the subsequent emotional scars that have taken years to begin to heal.

Eleven years later, now married with three children, the writer bravely shares her story, having only confided in one other person before. She concludes with a heartfelt prayer that no one else should ever have to endure what she did.

@freakymaris’s story underscores the urgent need for safe and supportive environments for job seekers and stronger measures to protect individuals from predators disguised as employers.

Though the names and identity of the hotel owner, the hotel and the job seeker is shrouded in mystery, this is to raise an awareness to vulnerable youths going about their daily activities.