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Sexual Assault: James Bond writer Paul Haggis arrested in Italy



Canadian Filmmaker, Paul Edward Haggis has reportedly been arrested in Italy over an allegation of sexual assault.


On Sunday, June 19, the director of the Oscar-winning film Crash and scriptwriter of the James Bond movie Casino Royale was allegedly detained.


Haggis was in Italy to grace a film festival that is set to commence in the tourist town of Ostuni, Puglia on Tuesday, June 21 (The Italian news media).


The news outlet revealed prosecutions were ongoing over allegations from a ‘young foreign woman’.


The woman claims she was forced to have ‘non-consensual’ sexual relations over two days.

According to leading the investigators, Antonio Negro and Livia Orlando, the woman also claimed she was ‘forced to see medical care’.


The Associated Press stated that after days ‘of non-consensual relations, the woman was accompanied by the man’ to Brindisi airport on Sunday.


She ‘was left there at dawn despite [her] precarious physical and psychological conditions’.


Airport staff and police officers reportedly noticed the woman’s ‘obvious confused state’.


After initial treatment, she was moved to Brindisi’s police headquarters where officers escorted her to a local hospital for examination.

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